Winnie Cooper as You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Little Winnie Cooper from “The Wonder Years” isn’t so little anymore!

Danica McKellar is now 38 years old and looking sexier than ever. The actress was spotted on the set of Avril Lavigne’s new music video for her single “Rock N Roll” in Palmdale on Thursday in an unexpected ensemble.

McKellar sported orange pumps,guildwars 2 gold  blue fishnets, red metallic shorts, and a cropped top and denim jacket, giving a whole new meaning to the term “hot mess” — especially when it comes to her abs! But McKellar is a smart woman. With her degree in math, we’re sure this is a calculated move.

It seemed that outrageous costumes were the theme for this music video because newlywed Lavigne sported a unique ensemble as well. With huge boots, a short camouflage miniskirt, a forest-green bustier, and a helmet, her look really was all over the place … and not in a good way.

But even though their get-ups might have been a little crazy, Lavigne and d3 gold McKellar seemed to embrace their looks and enjoyed spending time together on set.

The “Wonder Years” star even posted a Vine video showing off her new look and also tweeted about the experience: “Just had the best time shooting @AvrilLavigne’s new video. And she is so sweet and fun! Made me feel like a rock star. ;)

To see pics of the grown-up child star on set, check out the vid, and be sure tibia gold to watch “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for more of the latest in entertainment news.

Warriors Are an Incredibly Versatile Profession in Guild Wars 2

Every character is not the same, everyone has their own preferences, the resulting in setting game characters, each choice is not the same.You need enough guildwars 2 gold, in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

Warriors are an incredibly versatile profession that benefits from the ability to wield a wide variety of weapons. While some weapon sets may give a polite nod to the more traditional warrior archetype of a sword-n-board melee combatant, the warrior in Guild Wars 2 can be a major damage dealer in both melee and ranged combat.


Thanks to the ability to wield the largest variety of weapons of all the professions in Guild Wars 2, the warrior also tends to offer some of the most diverse options for how you choose to approach combatThis combination greatly reduces the all too common issue for melee classes in MMOs where you can dish out a lot of damage, but tend to get kited by ranged attackers to the point of uselessness.

Starting at level 7, the warrior is able to equip two unique weapon sets. These can be actively swapped by pressing the [`] key at any time out-of-combat, though there will be a short cooldown after swapping weapon sets during combat before you will be able to swap back again.We’ve also added a list of available weapons for the warriors below

Given the overall depth to the weapon set options (the warrior has a total of 19 possible combinations – more than any other profession in GW2) and the thematic nature of many sets, there is simply too much to cover for a basic guide. You should consider this skill an extension of your normal weapon skills, and will want to get into the habit of utilizing it in combat early on.

Within the first few levels you will unlock a total of three levels of adrenaline. You must fill at least one of these to use your [F1] skill, but the more levels you fill, the more poweful your [F1] skill will be. The results for having 1, 2, or 3 levels of adrenaline will be shown in the tooltip for each of these skills.

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